Winning Through Redundancy & Lay Offs

Six Steps To Navigate Your Way To A Brighter Future!

A Changing World Requires Different Thinking ...Steve Preston, MD of SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd shares his thoughts and showcases an alternative, flexible, affordable, Outplacement solution for forward thinking employers to navigate change and successfully support your staff transitioning from redundancy 

SMP Solutions have been providing quality Outplacement and Career Transition solutions for many years. However, in these challenging times, many of your professional and long serving employees might be facing redundancy for the first time or doing jobs that, due to the Covid crisis, might not be needed for some while, if ever again. Regardless of seniority or length of service, more than ever, many people who are unfortunate casualties of redundancy, will need to completely re-evaluate their careers and lives in order to work through what to do next and need proven strategies to make it happen!

Why a 'One Size Fits All' Standard Approach is no Longer Ideal
The more standard Outplacement offering of CV writing, Job Search strategies, Job applications, LinkedIn profile and Interview Skills (which we also offer) is absolutely fine for departing employees who are looking to transition into similar jobs but it's definitely not ideal or the best use of your organisations budget, for all departing employees for the reasons highlighted above. The changing world calls for different, flexible solutions, especially tailored to the level of staff or employee length of service.   .

What Makes This Course Different?  
The 'Winning Through Redundancy' course has been specifically developed for forward thinking employers to support your professional employees to re-evaluate their careers and lives, as a result of redundancy and work through what to do next. They will learn how to turn threat of redundancy into a bright new future, following a proven, practical and empowering process that has helped to transform the careers and lives of 1000's of people, following redundancy.

Regardless of the reason, length of service or seniority, employees affected by redundancy are often lost in a 'career transition maze', not knowing which way to turn. As a result, without the right emotional and practical support, many people adopt a 'scattergun' approach without any real focus or succumb to 'transition paralysis', as they struggle with the 'emotional roller coaster ride'.

Following the success of his internationally acclaimed book, 'Winning Through Redundancy', SMP Solutions Managing Director, Steve Preston, a leading Career Coach and Career Transition Specialist, has repurposed and brought his inspirational book to life, to address these issues. Therefore, for consistency of branding, the course content has been created under Steve's Author Personal Brand, as The Career Catalyst. 

Please note this course version is only available for employers, for Outplacement support options. The 'Welcome' video, when employees start the course, emphasises the course has been funded by their employer. Also, that such support it isn't a mandatory requirement, so the course should be valued by the departing employee as a real benefit from their employer to help them successfully transition their career     

Motivational Blended Learning Approach 
The course is not theory but specifically designed to be a motivational, engaging, highly practical, empowering and invaluable career transition tool. The course consists of powerful digital content, using a blend of video, audio, textual and a wide range of empowering, highly practical downloadable activities from Steve's impressive toolkit. 

Due to the way the course has been developed, there is a natural flow and Steve acts as both Career Coach and 'Course Guide' to help the user work through each module and lesson and get the best from the course. 

Flexible Options & Pricing
Importantly, the course lends itself to being supplemented by bespoke Career Coaching options, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your budget. The group coaching option is the most affordable to maximise your budget, if you have enough people for your own cohort. Alternatively you you can add 121 personal coaching, with various bespoke options, depending on seniority and length of service or fund the 'course only' option.
Book Bulk Orders 
You might also want to consider purchasing bulk supplies of Steve's 'Winning Through Redundancy' paperback book, as the ideal supplement to work in tandem with the course or in it's own right as a parting gift for loyal or valued employees. Contact Steve to discuss bulk orders and discounts.    

Scroll down the page for Outplacement course options and pricing or contact Steve Preston MD, SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd for a confidential discussion on your Outplacement requirements: or direct mobile call 07973 826424

How Will This Course Benefit Your Company or Organisation and Transitioning Employees?

Powerful Testimonial From an HR Professional

This is what a leading L&D Consultant & Coach, Kathryn Jackson, has said about Steve's 'Winning Through Redundancy' Course to her fellow professionals, who maybe like you, are having to make difficult decisions about laying off staff but want to do the 'right thing' by investing in your transitioning employees whilst enhancing your employer brand:

"This is an important course for anybody who is facing a hard time right now as a result of losing their job (or an exciting time, depending on their personal perspectives/circumstances). Steve has been there, done that and has now designed the ideal programme to support your company and transitioning employees. 

The option for regular coaching calls will underpin the online curriculum and learning modules in a programme that brings Steve's book and extensive knowledge to life. Please do check this course out; it's a HUGELY comprehensive look at the questions and actions that will unfortunately be facing many of us for years to come".  

About Steve Preston 

For nearly 20 years Steve has been MD of SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd, an independent consultancy, specialising in bespoke Outplacement and Career Transition for professionals and executives. He also has an established personal brand, as 'The Career Catalyst' ®, leading Career Coach, Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker, Creator of a proven, transformational, 6 Step Career Career Navigation Cycle process, Inspirational Career & Personal Development Courses and Products.

Recognised as an expert in supporting professionals and executives, to win through redundancy, Steve has been hired as a motivational speaker for corporate conferences, major career events and webinars as well as being featured on radio interviews, podcasts, blogs, trade journals and national media in the UK and around the globe.

Steve would love to also act as the catalyst to help your departing employees achieve breakthrough career transition success, following redundancy, by funding this course for their Outplacement support. 

This Course (+ Flexible Career Coaching Options) is an Ideal Outplacement Solution if...

You are a forward thinking employer currently navigating change and needing to lay-off staff, looking for an affordable, inspirational and practical Outplacement solution to help employees re-evaluate their careers and lives, as a result of their redundancy

You are an employer who wants to do the best for your transitioning professional employees, providing quality bespoke, flexible Outplacement support options to help take care of their emotional health to navigate change and successfully transition their careers, whilst also enhancing your employer brand and reputation  

You like the approach to combine the power of Personal Development with practical Career Development strategies following a proven breakthrough process to help your departing employees combat psychological and emotional responses to redundancy and turn the threat of redundancy into a bright new future!

You would value the option to have your own group cohort, who work on the course over circa 4-6 weeks, supported by weekly Mastermind group video coaching calls and a course Support Network Community 

OR you would value an online Outplacement solution that allows your chosen employees to start their course as soon as they are ready, working remotely at their own pace, either course only or with flexible options for 121 coaching support, depending on staff seniority or length of service 

You are ready to invest in your employees affected by redundancy and like the flexible approach that can be customised to meet the needs of  different levels of your departing employees whilst offering a range of affordable pricing options, pain free administration  + access to the course at any time for up to 12 months! 

Outline Curriculum Circa 4-6 Weeks + Weekly Group Mastermind Coaching
OR Course Only Option (start anytime)
(Click right arrow to expand module to see all lessons + to view video previews for Course Introduction + Steps 1-6)

Winning Through Redundancy Course Curriculum

Outplacement Option 1 - Online Course Only 

Course price based on number of employees funded  

From £495* 

  • *Price per person based up to 9 people
  • Discounts for 10 or more people 
  • We take away the pain - Course set up and enrolment all taken care of by us
  • Once authorised, employees can start anytime and work at their own pace
  • Unlimited access to the course for up to 12 months from enrolment
  • Certificate of Achievement available on course completion 
  • This option is proving to be an excellent support gift to departing employees  

Outplacement Option 2 - Online Course + Group Coaching 

Flexible options with price depending on  number of employees funded and agreed number of hours of group coaching sessions 

From £995*

  • *Price per person based on groups of up to 9 people
  • Discounts for groups of 10 or more people
  •       Includes online course + agreed number of weekly group coaching calls 
  • We take away the pain - Course set up and enrolment all taken care of by us
  • Have your own company cohort with a minimum of 4 employees 
  • Course Community support network for advice, encouragement & motivation  
  •    Group Coaching calls with MD Steve Preston, known as The Career Catalyst, leading Career Coach and Career Transition Specialist subject to his availability or one of Steve's specialist SMP Solutions Outplacement team  
  • Certificate of Achievement available on course completion 
  • Unlimited access to the course for up to 12 months from enrolment 

Outplacement Option 3 - Online Course + 121 Personal  Coaching 

Best option for more senior or long serving employees with price depending on agreed amount of hours 121 personal coaching 

From £1295*

  •  *Price per person based on online course + up to 3 hours 121 coaching + email support   
  • Bespoke options for 3-6 hours of 121 coaching support for more senior staff 
  • We take away the pain - Course set up and enrolment all taken care of by us
  • Signed copy of MD Steve Preston's internationally acclaimed 'Winning Through Redundancy' book  
  • Personal Coaching with MD Steve Preston, known as The Career Catalyst, leading Career Coach and Career Transition Specialist subject to his availability or one of Steve's specialist SMP Solutions Outplacement team  
  • Certificate of Achievement available on course completion 
  • Unlimited access to the course for up to 12 months from enrolment 

 "I found the content really powerful, with inspirational and highly practical activities. The delivery style was so easy to learn from. The videos and audios were like you were talking to me over a coffee in my lounge. You are clearly passionate about what you do and walk your talk! The course is full of practical, invaluable, proven strategies and guidance for anyone who wants to re-evaluate their career and life following a redundancy/lay-off.
Thank you!!"

Phil Facey 
IT Management 

 " I was initially inspired by Steve's 'Winning Through Redundancy' book and chose to engage him as my Career Coach. Steve now really brings the original book to life so you get the best of both worlds. You have lots of thought provoking and highly practical content plus the benefits of Steve's wisdom and great coaching. Steve is also committed to continually share information and give ongoing support to his clients." 

Sandie Greenwood
Asset Management 

 "When I faced unemployment for the first time in my career I was simply lost. I didn't know what to do or what I wanted to do. The Six Steps of this course helped me find purpose. I never seriously considered a portfolio career. I never thought of doing anything but working for someone. Steve's 6 Step system showed me that I can do both. I'm now happily pursuing a portfolio career balancing my artistic passions with my business skills to build a fulfilling life! I have a long way to go but without Steve's course and his 6 Step Cycle I wouldn't have even started. I recommend 'Winning Through Redundancy' to any employer to support their professional employees who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly cut. It will help you shift to a winning attitude!"

Michael Smeltzer 
Customer Service Director